How To Help Somebody Stay In Substance Abuse Rehab

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Substance abuse rehab programs are difficult for anybody to get through. Once you encourage somebody to attend rehab, the next step involves helping them actually stay there.

So, how can you make sure that you are helping somebody stay in rehab? These tips can help you and your loved one.

Talk About the Benefits

One of the reasons many people decide to leave rehab early is because they think they don't need treatment any longer. The truth is that the benefits are much more plentiful and long-lasting when the recipient stays for the entire course of treatment. Talk about these benefits to provide some encouragement.

Consider Motivation

Next, it's important to talk about the great things that will happen after a full course of treatment. Having positive conversations about the future can shed light on the reasons why your loved one is attending rehab in the first place. These conversations can provide compelling reasons to stay the course.

Build Support

One of the best ways that you can help a loved one is by simply being there. When you are present in your loved one's life, you show that you want them to pull through. They have somebody to lean on, somebody to talk to about their struggles.

You can also encourage others in the community to provide support, whether this support consists of emotional support or physical help with caring for children or helping financially. These are all supportive for your loved one who needs to focus on treatment and recovery.

Discuss Potential Pressure & Punishment

If your loved one has expressed some desire to leave rehab or end treatment, you might remind them of the consequences of doing so. In some cases, this could be a punishment from the criminal justice system, or it might mean ending a relationship or losing a career.

Encourage a Positive Therapeutic Relationship

Finally, encourage your loved one to seek mental health counseling or therapy alongside rehab. Medical-assisted treatment can provide a lot of help, but it is important that you talk about mental health treatments as well. They can prevent a relapse and provide a positive outlook about treatment.

Choose a Quality Substance Abuse Rehab

Getting through substance abuse rehab may be a challenge, but it can also be rewarding. If you are thinking about helping somebody who would benefit from substance abuse treatment, encouraging them to stay in treatment is a good place to begin.