How Do Doctors Treat Spinal Cord Compression Due to Rheumatoid Arthritis?

If your rheumatoid arthritis has begun to affect your spine, resulting in spinal cord compression and the symptoms it brings with it, then it’s time to start exploring your treatment options. Your first goal should be to keep your RA under control by taking your prescribed medications as directed. Then, you may want to talk […]

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3 Weight Loss Concerns While Breastfeeding

Many women assume that if they decide to breastfeed their baby, their pregnancy weight will easily melt off with little extra effort. This assumption has merit, because producing milk for your baby requires extra calories, which helps some women lose weight quickly. However, some women do not lose weight while breastfeeding, and some even gain […]

Trying to Breathe Effectively When Recovering from Pneumonia

If you were recently diagnosed with pneumonia, and you are at home recovering from the symptoms you are suffering from, you are most likely concerned about the restriction in breathing you are experiencing. When someone has a bout of pneumonia, the infection to the lungs will make it difficult to cough or breath. This, in […]

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Enhance The Effects Of Your Doctor’s Chronic Back Pain Management Protocols

Living with chronic back pain can put a damper on just about every aspect of your life, from sleeping and eating to working and playing. Your doctor can prescribe an effective pain management program for you to follow, but there are some things you can do yourself to enhance the effects of your protocol and […]

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2 Reasons to Consider Going to an Urgent-Care Facility

One of the most beneficial medical services that you can take advantage of is urgent care, mostly because urgent-care facilities provide an alternative to a traditional emergency room. Urgent-care facilities are intended to help treat urgent issues that are too painful or serious to wait until your primary-care physician is in the office to treat […]

Seniors and Non-Surgical Weight Loss

As you age, you become more prone to develop certain medical conditions. Or, in some cases, a chronic disease such as diabetes could become more problematic. If you are obese, the extra weight can exacerbate these medical problems. If the risk of surgery keeps you from seeking bariatric surgery, a non-surgical weight-loss procedure may be […]

3 Excellent Reasons To Purchase A Breast Pump

If you are planning on nursing your baby after they are born, then one tool that can help you out a great deal is going to be a breast pump. Here are three excellent reasons to purchase a breast pump.  You Can Help Increase Your Milk Production If you are struggling with your milk production, […]

Reasons Your Testosterone Level Is Low

For a guy, visiting a doctor to discuss issues relating to low libido can be embarrassing, and this is a common reason men fail to get the treatment they need for this problem. If you are suffering from a low sex drive, it may be due to low testosterone levels in your body. This problem […]

Preparing Your Bathroom For Your Aging Parent

If you’ve recently moved your elderly parent into your home so you can car for them, you might already realize there are some changes that have to be made to the house, particularly in the bathroom. Decreasing mobility, side effects of different medications, and physical pain can all affect the ability of your parent to […]

Three Steps to a Perfect Tummy-Tightening Regimen

If you have an apple or an inverted triangle body shape, you are likely to hold your weight in your stomach area. If you lose a lot of weight and go from being obese to being an average size, there is a high likelihood that your stomach skin may begin to hang. After losing fat, […]