Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Scrubs for Work

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Many people look at those who get to wear scrubs for work and figure those individuals are lucky because they don't have to spend time picking out outfits or deciding what to wear. But if you are someone who wears scrubs to work, you know they come with their own set of challenges. Picking out a good set of scrubs is harder than it might seem. Here are some key mistakes to avoid when you go scrub shopping.

Mistake #1: Going cheap.

"They're just scrubs." A lot of people have this attitude that their scrubs are going to get ruined anyway, so there's no point in paying more. But cheap scrubs can shrink with just one wash, and they are sometimes made from fabric that can stain more easily or that feel rougher against your skin. You don't have to pay for high-end scrubs, but at least go for the mid-range brands, which will be worth the price because they will last a lot longer and be more comfortable. 

Mistake #2: Buying scrubs with too few pockets.

Always check how many pockets a pair of scrubs has before buying them, and don't buy scrubs that don't have enough pockets to hold your gear. When in doubt, opt for extra pockets. Some scrubs have big, extra pockets on the fronts of the thighs, for instance. There will be a time when you appreciate having this extra space for storage.

Mistake #3: Sizing down, not up.

If you are between sizes, do not size down. Don't let your vanity get the best of you; nobody will know what size your scrubs are. A pair that's tiny but too tight will be very tight after you wash them a few times. You are better off sizing up and being comfortable. You can always draw the waist a little tighter to keep them on.

Mistake #4: Not looking for longs if you need them.

If you are above average height, do not buy regular length scrubs. They'll start to look too short after a few washes. Not all scrubs companies sell long scrubs, but it's worth looking for a company that does. You'll be able to wear them for longer, and they won't look silly by exposing your socks.

Buying scrubs can be more challenging than it seems, but with the tips above, you will have an easier time avoiding common mistakes and buying the scrubs that are best for you.