Early Signs of Hearing Loss

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You could have significant hearing loss, but not realize it until it gets bad. Hearing loss is often so gradual that most people don't notice the early signs. Unless you have regular hearing tests, you will likely not know you have a problem. Catching hearing loss early is important in order to preserve as much of your natural hearing as possible. Here are some signs that your hearing is deteriorating.

Other People Seem to Mumble

Asking someone to repeat themselves is not necessarily a sign of hearing loss, but doing it often might be. When your hearing diminishes, you will find it more difficult to hear people in busy areas like restaurants.

You Have Trouble Hearing Over the Phone

If you find you often have trouble hearing on the phone, then you might have hearing loss. Fortunately, most phones have volume controls to compensate for hearing issues. But if you have it turned up to the top and still can't hear, then you might need a hearing check.

You Don't Hear Birds As Much as Before

You may notice less bird song, or other high pitch natural noises, as your hearing deteriorates. It may seem like there are fewer birds around than usual. Birds often have high-pitched songs, and most people begin to lose their high-end hearing first. Women and children's voices, which are also usually higher-pitched, may also seem hard to hear.

You Are More Sensitive to Some Sounds

If you have inner or middle ear damage, then some sounds may seem overly amplified and even painful. You may feel that people are being unnecessarily loud or yelling when they are actually speaking at a normal level. This is called hyperacusis and it not only applies to voices but a variety of other sounds as well.

Your Ears Ring

Most people's ears ring from time to time and usually, this condition is temporary and not a serious issue. However, when they ring frequently, and your hearing is diminished during that time, then it is an early sign of hearing loss. Chronic ear ringing is known as tinnitus and may be related to an outer, middle, or inner ear issue.

Hearing difficulty from time to time is not abnormal. Some people also lose some of their hearing range as part of the aging process. However, you should not lose so much of your hearing that it affects your quality of life. Talk to services like Accurate Hearing Technology Inc about getting a hearing test. That way, you can catch and treat hearing loss before it becomes serious.