4 Great Gluten-Free Ways To Enjoy The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis

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The pain relieving and sleep inducing benefits linked to the use of medical marijuana are attractive to many patients who can't handle inhaling irritating smoke or vapors. But not all edible medicinal products work for everyone either since many cookies, candies, and other treats include gluten that can irritate Celiac's disease or a gluten allergy. These four cannabis infused edibles are easily found in gluten-free varieties to meet all of your various health needs and restrictions.

Infused Dried Fruit

Dried fruit isn't just a great gluten-free snack to infuse with cannabis for medicinal use, it's also one of the healthiest snacks thanks to the combination of fiber and natural sugars. Most sweet edibles are sugary candies that can be too sweet for many people without a love for sugar, but dried fruits can be found to suit any preferences. Even savory dried fruit is available with smoky and salty notes to appeal to your taste buds. Make sure to check there's no added sugar if that's a concern for you.

Savory or Sweet Nuts

 You can't get THC and CBD inside of nuts, but you can coat them in a crunchy and flavorful coating that also contains the active ingredients. This allows for a lot of snacking options in both the savory and sweet categories. Spices, maple syrup, and even extracts of bacon make these snacks appealing to people who are tired of the same old cookies and brownies. The types of nuts used to make the edibles also lend their own health benefits to the mix, and neither the nuts or the coatings need to contain gluten.

Soup Base

Sometimes you're craving more of a meal when it's time to treat yourself for a chronic pain condition or deal with a migraine. Medicinal soup bases include gluten-free ingredients like Japanese miso, mushrooms, and roasted vegetables cooked down into a rich paste. You simply stir the right amount of the base into a warm cup or bowl of water, add your favorite pre-cooked vegetables, and you've got a gluten-free meal that's also medicinal.

Medicinal Beverages

Finally, there are plenty of tea and coffee mixes for people who prefer to make their cannabis treatments a routine part of the rest of the day. Taking a steady dose of THC or CBD with your regular cup of coffee or tea is a great way to stay on the schedule recommended by your doctor as well.