Common Forms Of Physical Therapy

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No matter what sport you play, there is a very good chance that at some point you will have an injury. There are many different types of injuries ranging from knee injuries, shoulder injuries, to strained muscles. No matter what type of injury you are recovering from, a physical therapist can play an integral role in your recovery. It is important to work with the best healthcare professionals available, and sports injury physical therapists are some of the very best medical practitioners that you will find. Here are a few of the common ways physical therapists will work with you:


A very common form of therapy you are likely to experience is electrotherapy. This therapy is where the physical therapist will put electrodes on your body and electric pulses will go through the electrodes. This is going to increase the blood flow through the area, and simulate a lot of the nerve endings. This is exactly what the therapy was designed to do. You may experience a little bit of discomfort, but the therapy really can do wonders to stimulate the injury. Often this type of therapy is to help stimulate the body into healing itself. 

Light Therapy

Light therapy is very similar to electrotherapy in many ways. The main goals of light therapy is to stimulate the area, but it uses different wavelengths of light to accomplish the goal. The different wavelengths of light can penetrate the tissue and can once again stimulate the different nerve endings and muscle fibers in your injury. Perhaps one of the very best aspects of light therapy is that it is completely painless. The therapist is going to hold a small wand-like machine and it will pulse with the light therapy. The physical therapist will then place it over the affected area.

Strength And Flexibility

If you are recovering from an injury, you will need to regain the strength and the flexibility that you once had. To this end, you can expect the physical therapist to employ many different strategies. One of the most common therapies that you will be subjected to is working with the rubber bands. This is light resistance work and can help the body build back strength, flexibility, and stamina. You may also be required to do simply plyometrics to regain a lot of your balance and strength. Under the supervision of a physical therapist, you can recover from an injury much quicker and more importantly get back to where you were before the injury. 

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