Seniors and Non-Surgical Weight Loss

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As you age, you become more prone to develop certain medical conditions. Or, in some cases, a chronic disease such as diabetes could become more problematic. If you are obese, the extra weight can exacerbate these medical problems. If the risk of surgery keeps you from seeking bariatric surgery, a non-surgical weight-loss procedure may be the answer to improving your health.


Being seriously overweight can either help cause a condition or make one worse. For instance, Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent among those who are obese. In some cases, losing a significant amount of weight can allow you to give up your diabetes medication. If you have heart or kidney disease, the extra weight is putting additional strain on those organs and can disqualify you for an organ transplant. Some centers prefer that your BMI is 30 or less before you get another kidney, for instance. The harsh truth is that transplant centers want donated organs to be given to someone with a good chance of survival. Being seriously obese lowers that chance. For those who are obese or morbidly obese, simply having a major surgery can be dangerous. For seniors with mobility problems, the extra weight can definitely make their situations worse. Obesity alone can lead to joint and bone issues and keep people from normal physical activities.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss

A relatively new solution to weight problems is the gastric balloon. A doctor inserts a balloon using an endoscope, so it is a non-surgical procedure. The balloon is then filled with saline so that you are unable to overeat. The balloon is temporary and is removed after approximately six months. It's meant to serve as a "kick-start" to weight loss and is much less invasive than gastric bypass surgery. For older patients, the procedure is less frightening as well as easier on the body. For those suffering from serious chronic illnesses, the gastric balloon is a safer choice than having a major operation. The weight loss may not be as drastic as it is with a bypass, but it can still be significant. 

Older Americans can have many physical challenges, and obesity often makes these challenges worse. If a surgical intervention is too dangerous or simply too frightening, you can opt for the gastric balloon, a less invasive yet still effective way to lower your BMI. Once you are thinner, your other medical issues may well improve or, in a few instances, abate completely. See a weight-loss company such as Belly Balloon Texas to find out about your options.