3 Excellent Reasons To Purchase A Breast Pump

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If you are planning on nursing your baby after they are born, then one tool that can help you out a great deal is going to be a breast pump. Here are three excellent reasons to purchase a breast pump. 

You Can Help Increase Your Milk Production

If you are struggling with your milk production, there are several different things that you can do to try and increase it. One reason why your milk production levels may become low is because your baby isn't nursing enough for your body to realize that you need more milk to be produced. This can happen if your baby has a bad latch, or simply doesn't want to nurse. A great way to increase your milk production is going to be to use a breast pump to pump regularly. Using the breast pump at regular intervals will allow your body to increase the amount of milk that it produces because it will be required to create more milk each time that you pump. This will in turn will likely give you enough milk to feed your baby. 

You Can Be Away From Your Baby For Extended Periods Of Time And Still Breastfeed

If you would really like to breastfeed, but know that they are going to be days that you will have to be away from your baby, a breast pump will allow you to do this. You will simply need to use the breast pump to pump your milk when your baby would generally be nursing. For example, if your baby generally nurses every 3 hours, then you will want to pump every 3 hours for about as long as your baby would normally nurse, or until you pump the amount of ounces that you would like. This helps to keep your milk production up because your milk will come out when it normally would. This is great if you have to work during the day, or if you are going on a vacation for a few days without your baby. The milk that you have pumped previously can be used to feed your baby and the new milk that you are pumping can be frozen and used in the future. Knowing that you can still nurse your baby even if you aren't going to be with them all of the time is something that is a dream come true for many mothers.