Reasons Your Testosterone Level Is Low

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For a guy, visiting a doctor to discuss issues relating to low libido can be embarrassing, and this is a common reason men fail to get the treatment they need for this problem. If you are suffering from a low sex drive, it may be due to low testosterone levels in your body. This problem is somewhat common with men, and it can usually be treated. In order to find the right treatment plan for you, your doctor will need to determine what is causing your testosterone levels to be lower than they should be, and here are several of the common causes. 


Obesity is one of the major causes of low testosterone levels in men. If you are currently overweight, this might be the reason you have lost interest in sex. Many men believe that losing interest in sex is a normal part of life as they age, but studies show this is not really the case. The actual reason men lose interest as they age is not so much because they have gotten older, but it is actually because they have gained weight or have other health problems that are not being properly treated.

If this is the reason you have low testosterone levels, you can reverse the problem by losing weight and getting back into shape. You may also want to get checked for high blood pressure and diabetes because both of these issues can affect the amount of testosterone you have in your body.

Emotional issues

A second thing your doctor might look into is your emotional state. If you are suffering from depression or any other type of emotional disorder, you might have a decreased sex drive from this. Men with low testosterone levels may suffer from more emotional disorders simply because testosterone is vital for a person's mood.

In addition, if you are not interested in sex, you may find that it is harder to achieve and maintain an erection. If this happens and your spouse is not satisfied, it may hurt your self-esteem, and this may cause you to develop further emotional issues.

If you are not sure what is going on with your body and mind but are having a hard time because of your low sex drive, have your testosterone levels checked. This is something you can do at a medical clinic, and it may help you understand why you are feeling this way. This is also a great way to find out what you can do to fix the problem.