Three Steps to a Perfect Tummy-Tightening Regimen

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If you have an apple or an inverted triangle body shape, you are likely to hold your weight in your stomach area. If you lose a lot of weight and go from being obese to being an average size, there is a high likelihood that your stomach skin may begin to hang. After losing fat, your skin may remain somewhat stretched out. For some people, this means that their belly skin may have a few wrinkles. For others, their skin may actually still be stretched out enough to fold into the pants. If you have transformed your body and are interested in making sure that your skin is transformed as well, you need to get on a tightening regimen. Here is a regimen that can help you tighten your tummy after weight loss. 

Wear a belly wrap on a constant basis

If you notice that your skin is starting to droop or hang as you are losing weight, it is a good idea to immediately begin to wear a stomach wrap. A stomach wrap is a tight piece of material that can be made of spandex, cotton, and other stretchy fabrics. You can place this securely around your mid-section so that it is tight but does not restrict movement or breathing. Stomach wraps encourage a tightness in the stomach and encourage your skin and muscle to shrink together rather than hang downward. This can help keep the belly from hanging low, which is difficult to stop without surgery. 

Get weekly massages

Stimulating the skin and the body can be an important part of encouraging the stomach and skin to tighten. Massages such as decompressing massages or massages that utilize body-sculpting methods can aid you in decreasing the size of your stomach. If you have been overweight for a long period of time and are losing large amounts of weight, a weekly massage can help to stimulate the blood flow in the area and encourage the skin to do its job by decompressing and reforming itself to the body. 

Use a collagen lotion after each shower

After you take a shower, especially after exercising, massage a collagen lotion on your entire body, concentrating on the stomach area. Collagen is the material that gives the skin its elastic abilities. Once collagen is lost or once the fat cells shrink in your stomach, the lack of collagen is what causes the skin to sag. Rubbing a collagen lotion all over during your weight loss and fitness routine will invigorate your skin. Remember that the sun's rays can decrease collagen in the body, so be sure to wear protective clothing as well as your belly wraps while you are attempting to re-tighten your tummy. 

If these methods don't work for you, you may want to try body contouring, but first try these less invasive methods.