Choosing Lenses For Bifocal Glasses

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With age often comes presbyopia, which is a condition that affects the shape of the eye's lens. The condition can affect the ability to see both near and far. Thus, in order to retain your ability to work and enjoy life, you will need glasses that can correct for both near and far vision—bifocals. While the type of glasses may be obvious, the type of lens is less so. To get the most function from your glasses, you need to choose your lenses carefully. 

Versatility in the Form of Trivex Lenses

If you are an active person, then you want lenses that will perform well in all of the various activities you engage in. Trivex lenses are shatter resistant, so even if you are climbing, hiking, biking, or engaging in some other activity that might put you at risk of taking a fall, you should not have to worry about breaking your lenses. Furthermore, trivex lenses can keep the sun's harmful UV rays out of your eyes. Thus, if you are looking for an all-in-one lens, then trivex is an excellent choice. 

Photochromic Lenses

If your work or other activities require you to spend a lot of time outdoors, then you need some way to protect your eyes against the sun. Buying a separate pair of prescription sunglasses can double your costs, and swapping your glasses back and forth creates a high risk of losing one set of glasses. Photochromic lenses will react to UV light by darkening, which will help to filter out the sun's UV rays, but you need to know that the photochromic elements in the lenses will not get as dark when it is especially hot outside, and they will get much darker when it is cold outside. Thus, if you spend a lot of time riding and hiking in the desert, they may not be the best choice. Furthermore, the windshield of a car can prevent the lenses from working properly. Thus, you need to consider your activities and decide if photochromic lenses are the best choice for you. 

Buying a pair of glasses can cost a lot of money, and thus, is typically a purchase that you have to live with for a long time. While you might be tempted to focus on the style of your frames, you need to spend just as much time choosing lenses that have the right characteristics to make them as useful as possible for you. To learn more, contact a company like All About Eyes