How To Accurately Cosplay When You Need Glasses & Can't Wear Contacts

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It's great to be able to cosplay your favorite character and wear contact lenses to see clearly, but contacts don't work well for everyone. Whether you have dry eyes, allergies, or another problem that prevents you from wearing contacts, there are plenty of cosplay options that will let you wear glasses and remain in-character. Here are a few popular ideas for wearing your glasses without looking out of place while cosplaying.

Characters with Glasses

The easiest way to create a convincing cosplay when you need to wear glasses is to choose a character who wears glasses themselves. Thankfully, there's a wide variety of characters to choose from, and of both genders. However, you can take this a step farther by choosing a character that has glasses that look similar to yours, or by purchasing a new pair of frames for the perfect match-up. You can focus on the color of your glasses, or even the general shape. For example, if you have red glasses, they might be perfect to cosplay Mari from Neon Genesis Evangelion. If you have small, oval glasses, you could cosplay Robin from Witch Hunter Robin. Take a look at your favorite shows, comics, and movies, and look for characters with spectacles similar to your own.

Hiding Glasses

Another great option is to hide your glasses by applying an accessory your character wears over them. One classic example of this is cosplayers dressing up as Sailor Moon or Sailor V. These two characters often wear a masquerade-style mask on their eyes, and cosplayers with glasses can take advantage of this oversize mask. You can easily apply this style of mask over your existing glasses, hiding them completely, while still being able to see clearly. Simply attach the mask to your glasses with temporary adhesive over the earpiece hinges so you don't get any adhesive on the lenses.


If applying a mask or matching your eyeglasses to a characters' doesn't suit you, prescription sunglasses might be a good idea. Lots of characters in anime and comics wear sunglasses, like Vash the Stampede from Trigun, or Cyclops from X-Men. Buying a pair of prescription sunglasses might be more practical than buying a new pair of eyeglasses if you already have one, and you can find an accessory that will complete your costume and can be used after the convention, too.

If you want to cosplay, you aren't limited to the options of wearing contacts, stumbling around blindly, or constantly taking your glasses off for photos. Focus on characters that wear spectacles themselves, and go from there to create a cosplay that will allow you to comfortably wear your glasses all day. Click here to learn more about your eyeglass options.