4 Great Foot Care Tips For Life

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Whether you have diabetes and need to take care of your feet for safety or just want general foot care tips for your overall health and aging, you'll need to find some tips that will help you out exponentially. With this in mind, there are a number of steps laid out in this guide that you will want to follow. Take advantage of the information below and put it to use for healthy feet that will last a lifetime. 

Learn To Select Shoes That Fit You Properly

One of the most crucial things you can do for your feet is to only choose footwear that is fitting properly. To do this, go to the shoe store and get your feet measured by a professional. Never buy any shoe without trying it on your foot snugly first. The sizes may vary based on brand and type, so know what size you wear based on brand as well. When you try them on, allow about a half inch between the shoe and the end of your toe. Wearing shoes that fit properly is half the battle when it comes to foot care.

Wash Your Feet Thoroughly To Avoid Bacteria And Fungus

If you want your feet to be free of fungus and bacteria, you will need to wash them thoroughly. This means taking hot water and soap, along with a wash rag, and scrubbing from the top of your feet to the bottom and in between your toes. Fungus and bacteria can be detrimental to your foot health, so always put the time and energy into this endeavor.

Learn To Clip Your Toenails

If you want to avoid the hazard and pain of ingrown toenails, you will need to clip your toenails properly. Get a high-quality toenail cutter and be sure that you trim them straight and not at an angle. Trimming your toenails at an angle will allow painful ingrown toenails to embed, which can make walking around a big ordeal.

Smooth Your Calluses Away

Your feet will naturally develop calluses over time, so keep them smooth by using a pumice stone. You can purchase this stone at any beauty store, and it will rough out the edges in your feet. This gives you more comfort and maneuverability every time you wear shoes and walk around.

Follow these tips, and you will always be in good hands when it comes to your foot care. For more information, talk to the doctor at a clinic like Advanced Foot Clinic