Get Acquainted With A Family Health Clinic In Your New Area

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If you have just moved to a new area, you are probably looking for excellent health care. Here are some ideas for you to consider as you proceed. 

Getting Started

Of course, establishing health care for your family should be one of your priorities. 

  • Establish a relationship with a family doctor you can trust and with whom you can communicate well. If you want one doctor to treat all of your family members, consider using a family health care clinic. Family practice physicians treat babies, children, teens, young adults, and full-grown individuals. In fact, complete care during pregnancy is also offered. Asthma, allergies, and even diabetes are some of the illnesses that are addressed by a family health practice.
  • Will anybody in the family need immunizations? What about physicals for sports and camp? Health care clinics can provide these services, too. Some health care clinics offer dental care, drug dependency help, and assistance for patients who have mental handicaps. Preventative counseling and medication are often emphasized. 
  • In many cases, there are also in-office laboratory services. If not, your clinic can still handle lab work for you.
  • If a family member needs specialized care, the doctor or the physician's assistant at the clinic can provide names of doctors in your area. 
  • Health care clinics are not just found in cities and in the suburbs. There are usually excellent ones that you can easily access if you live in the country. 
  • Find out if the clinic will accept your insurance. If it doesn't, ask for referrals.

What To Expect At A Family Health Clinic

Get started by making an appointment.

  • If there is no emergency, it is very helpful to visit the clinic in person. That way you can meet the people in the front office and you can determine whether or not they will be pleasant to work with. You're looking for courteous, competent, professional individuals who can help you each time you connect with them.
  • Once you have established the fact that you are going to use the doctor and the clinic, make arrangements for all of your medical records to be delivered there.
  • You may see a physician's assistant. However, you can always ask to have an appointment with the actual physician.
  • Your waiting time will depend on several things. If you made an appointment, that's a big help. If you are a walk-in patient, you may have a longer wait. If you are there in an emergency situation, you will be seen before patients who have already been waiting. 

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