Seeing Clearly: How Prescription Sunglasses Can Benefit You

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When out and about, you may find yourself increasingly frustrated with having to reach for those clip-ons that come with most pairs of prescription eyeglasses. Whether it be a sudden glare from the sun while driving or simply going out in public, you may find yourself groaning as you have to wrestle with fastening something to your glasses. If this is the case, prescription sunglasses can prove to be an invaluable and endlessly convenient investment. Below are just a few ways a pair of prescription sunglasses can help you.

A Wide Variety Of Prescriptions

One of the many nifty traits of prescription sunglasses is that the lens can be altered to fit just about any prescription. So from bifocal usage to progressive lens options, you'll be seeing clearly and without glare wherever you need to be. There are even special swimming goggle variants available for those who enjoy taking a refreshing dip during those long summer months, allowing you to swim without having to worry about managing your contact lenses.

A Variety of Frames

Prescription sunglasses also are available in just about any style, as are traditional sunglasses, meaning you never have to sacrifice appearance in order to see properly. There are even wraparound variants available, although they come in a smaller range of prescriptions due to their tendency to distort vision due to curving. Nevertheless, you'll be able to travel in style that is impossible to achieve with simple clip-ons.

Available in Every Lens Type

While it is true that prescription sunglasses are available with regular glass lens, they are also available in high-index, polycarbonate, and other materials, as regular glass becomes less popular for sunglasses. These other types of lenses tend to be more durable, making them a better fit for wearing outdoors, although you may still request regular glass as well.

Also, for those who want maximum comfort, there are special photochromic lens available that transition between traditional eyeglasses and sunglasses based on the amount of light in an environment. With these "transitional lenses," as they are more commonly called, you can wear the same pair of eyeglasses in any environment without having to bother with carrying an extra pair. However, there is a slight drawback to these in that they require UV rays to activate, meaning that they may not darken as well when riding in your vehicle as they would when outdoors.

All in all, living an active lifestyle while needing a prescription is easier than ever, as technology in eye care continues to make leaps and bounds. So whether you're fed up with managing your clip-ons or merely want to travel in style, prescription sunglasses through a company like Wear Eyewear are bound to be a worthwhile investment.