How To Find The Right Child Care Facility

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It is extremely important to find a child care facility that will allow you to have peace of mind.  The fact that you are leaving your child in the hands of someone besides yourself can leave a parent worried.  Here are a few guidelines that will help you figure out if your potential child care facility is in a safe environment. 


Observe the staff and watch their interaction with the children.  They should be prepared, excited to be there and in control of the environment.  There should be no distractions and plenty of staff to take care of the group of children.  They should be open about the child's interactions, meals and snacks, sleep, behavior and disciplinary actions throughout the day.  The staff should always be available to answer questions from parents and be able to thoroughly discuss the day's activities. 


A good child care environment is a clean and sanitized environment.  All surroundings should be cleaned properly, while the rooms and building overall should be a comfortable environment for all children.  Food preparations and tables should not be anywhere near bathroom facilities, diaper changing stations or trash collection areas.  The rooms should be lit properly and heated/cooled with proper ventilation.  There should be space indoors for children to play, learn, nap and eat, while there should also be adequate space for outside play as well.  All toys and furnishings should be in good condition. 

All safety precautions should be in place, too.  Smoke detectors should be working, while there should be proper safety protection on doors and windows.  Bedding should follow safety standards and all childproofing standards should be used.  The facility as a whole should be protected and locked at all times to prevent anyone from walking in without checking with a reception person. 

Proper License    

All child care facilities should have the proper license and credentials needed for that state.  The local department of social services should also have a list of licensed facilities on hand.  Health and safety regulations are in place for child care centers for each state as well.  Make sure that they have obtained a proper license and rating for food preparation. 


Look for a child care center that has a schedule that includes educational activities in addition to physical activities, group activities and free time.  There is no need for video or television watching during the day, unless it is a part of the curriculum.  All activities and work should be age appropriate and should stimulate growth and development.  Toys should be educational and stimulating as well.  There should be a wide range of curriculum for children to be able to advance as they get older.           


Look at the guidelines for food and snacks in the potential child care center.  Find out if they provide all food, or if you are required to pack snacks or meals.  Check to see the nutrition of the foods that they provide, and make sure that they don't provide any unhealthy or sugary snacks during the day.  Find out if the facility will follow any and all guidelines for allergies and other health issues.    


Ask around in your community and find out what other parents are saying about the child care facilities that you are looking into.  If a certain one has a bad reputation, you may want to steer clear of it.  Ask about references from the facility itself.  They may provide you with a list of satisfied customers.  Ask parents that use each facility if they love it, or if they wish they did things differently.  You don't want to even consider a child care facility that others do not like. 

It is vitally important where you put your child to spend their days.  A child needs to learn, grow and develop in time, so you must love and trust your child care facility such as A Karrasel Child Care Centers