The Energetic Touch: Who Could Benefit From Reiki Treatments

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Reiki has long been an effective and alternative treatment option for those who suffer from a variety of issues. From those who are undergoing chemotherapy to those who would suffer from brain fog on a daily basis, the energy healing process that is known as Reiki can bring relief through qualified practitioners.

Here are just a few examples of those who could benefit from Reiki treatments.  

If You Are Losing Sleep

Do you find yourself tossing and turning most nights? Whether from suffering from insomnia or simply feeling unable to turn off your mind from the day, there are many reasons why you may be losing sleep. An essential part of your daily needs, sufficient sleep ensures that the body's cognitive and physical functionality is working at its best. Without proper sleep, your mental and physical well-being will most certainly suffer causing issues such as confusion, exhaustion, and light-headedness. Reiki treatments can help alleviate the effects of sleep loss as well as helping to target the energy responsible for causing sleep loss in the first place. 

If You Deal with Pain

Having to live with pain can become unbearable for many who deal with this condition. Perhaps you've just had surgery on your knee and are dealing with pain anytime you walk. On the other hand, you may be dealing with chronic pain in your back. For whatever reason, you do not have to live with the pain; reiki treatment can help alleviate your symptoms. When going in for a reiki treatment to treat your pain, you may feel sensations of warmth where you most experience your symptoms. This is completely normal and a sign that energy is moving in the right direction. Let your practitioner know if any areas are causing discomfort during treatment. 

If You Are Sensitive to Touch

Reiki treatments are a fantastic option for those who are very sensitive to touch and are looking for a hands-off course of treatment for their symptoms. If this is your first time going in for a Reiki treatment, be sure to speak to your practitioner beforehand to let them know what your comfort level is regarding treatment. Be sure to ask for any clarification on how the process works as well as what to expect once the Reiki session is completed. As with other treatment options, multiple visits may be required so be sure to discuss what your goals are regarding how you'd like to feel or what symptoms you'd like to see alleviated.