How Working With A Funeral Home Can Help With Death-Related PTSD

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Everybody handles mourning a loved one in different ways. For example, some people take it very stoically and hold up emotionally. Others break down and suffer from PTSD. Thankfully, working with a great funeral home can help those in this state overcome their emotional difficulties.

Deaths Can Trigger PTSD 

When people lose a loved one – whether to a slow disease like cancer or suddenly like in a car accident – the loss is traumatic. Knowing that you'll never talk to a person again or spend time together hits many people hard and can trigger the occurrence of PTSD in many grieving individuals.

PTSD can cause a numbing of feelings or intense flashbacks. It can also trigger depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions that can be hard to control. For some people with PTSD, a good funeral may seem impossible because they'll have to face the reality of their loved one's passing.

PTSD May Complicate A Funeral

When a person experiences PTSD after the death of a loved one, it may be very hard for them to attend a funeral. They may not be emotionally prepared to see their deceased family member or friend in a casket or to see an urn of their remains.

As a result, this individual with PTSD may experience a breakdown during the service that can cause even more trauma. And even if they don't break down completely, many negative emotions may plague them and make recovery difficult. Thankfully, funeral homes are prepared for this problem and can help manage it.

How Funeral Homes Can Help

High-quality funeral homes are staffed with individuals who understand PTSD and who can work with you to overcome it. For example, they may have counseling services that provide you with help in talking about death and coming to terms with how it has affected your life.

Just as importantly, they can also provide a low-key, professional, and caring funeral service that highlights the joys of a person's life instead of their passing. They can also help the person with PTSD approach the casket or urn and make peace with their loved one's passing by letting them speak to it or come to terms with what has happened.

So, if you or somebody you know is worried about their PTSD and attending a funeral, talk to a funeral home about their services. Often, these professionals can provide the guiding hand that you need to get over this difficult moment in your life.