Three Reasons To Use An Urgent Care For Your CT Scan And Other Medical Needs

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When you need medical attention for an emergency that requires a CT scan or other sort of procedure, your first thought is probably to hit the emergency room. However, an urgent care center that provides CT scans may be a better alternative. With this in mind, consider these three advantages of visiting walk-in clinics and and urgent care centers for your CT scans and other pressing medical needs. 

Benefit #1: You Will Not Have To Wait As Long As You Would At An Emergency Room

Perhaps the greatest benefit of choosing an urgent care facility is that the wait time is much shorter. With an emergency room, extreme wait times are par for the course. However, many urgent care facilities will be able to see you in five minutes or less. This does away with the need for any sort of appointments ahead of time and gives you the opportunity to get the care that you need without having to wait all night.

Benefit #2: Urgent Care Center Visits Are Typically More Cost Effective Than Emergency Rooms

Not only will you have the opportunity to be seen in a shorter amount of time with urgent care facilities, you will also typically spend less. The reason that people usually go to emergency rooms is due to the fact that they are open around-the-clock. While not all urgent care facilities are open 24 hours a day, most hold long evening hours which will allow you to still be seen, even if it is on the weekend. So you can still get the benefits of after-hours care at a lower price.

Benefit #3: Urgent Care Centers Can Help You Out With Normal Diagnostic Medical Issues

In addition to CT scans, you can get a number of other procedures done at an urgent care. While many people only think that walk-in clinics are in place for emergency situations, contrarily, these urgent care facility professionals also handle standard medical diagnoses and other issues. For example, if you think you might be pregnant and have missed your period, you can visit an urgent care facility with no appointment and verify your pregnancy quickly. This is cheaper and more time effective than having to schedule an appointment through a family physician and pay the fee that comes along with that. Urgent care facilities can also handle things like burns and broken bones, in addition to allergic outbreaks.

Consider these three benefits and touch base with an urgent care facility the next time you need help.