Correcting Visual Problems Through Visual Therapy

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When many patients have an eye condition, they don't consider that visual therapy can help them. Visual therapy is a fairly new type of therapy that helps to strengthen the areas of the brain that control visual processing:

How Does Visual Therapy Work?

Visual therapy uses different eye exercises to help the brain map out visual cues. For example, if you have trouble distinguishing letters or certain types of shapes, you may be shown the shapes in a distorted way and asked to identify them. By challenging your brain to recognize the objects, it's like a stretch for the brain that helps your eyes to recognize objects more strongly. 

A visual therapist can give you a number of exercises to strengthen your eyes. For instance, you may wear a special lens with a prismatic surface and then perform word search activities. Another common exercise is focusing on an object for a certain period of time to strengthen your tracking and focusing skills. 

What Types of Conditions Does it Help?

Visual therapy can help a number of eye conditions. It's often used for lazy eye and other eye teaming problems. Your sight can also be improved with visual therapy if you have problems with the alignment of your eyes; in this case, training the muscles in your eyes can help them to lock onto objects more easily. 

Visual therapy is also a great resource for children who are having trouble learning to read. In some cases, the problem isn't with their eyes, but with the way their brains process visual information. A visual therapist will help them to gradually strengthen the parts of the brain that process letters. 

Visual Therapy in Combination with Other Treatments

Visual therapy can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment. For instance, it can be helpful for a person to wear a corrective lens in addition to their regular therapy appointments.

How to Start Vision Therapy

Your general eye doctor will be able to refer you to a specialist who performs vision therapy. The therapy can be done once a week, and your doctor will likely give you some exercises to try at home. Since visual therapy can be draining as you build strength in your eye muscles, it will be important for you to speak with your doctor to come up with a schedule that doesn't interfere with your other daily tasks, such as work

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